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Teaching my kids how to develop black and white film imperceptibly brought me back to the process that has drawn me to photography in the first place. It became like a counterweight to the commercial photography that I do. Fine art photography provides me with the freedom of not being afraid to fail or please someone. I enjoy the tranquility of the process free of the everyday hassle - just me and my camera. Sometimes it takes a year until I finally develop a film, sometimes a month until I cut and scan it. But the most satisfying is seeing my large-size prints hang out on gallery walls for others to look at. Currently, I am fascinated by panoramic cameras – they make the world through the lens look different compared to regular cameras. In essence, humans have peripheral vision, so seeing more to the sides is natural. When shooting landscapes, a wider format creates more space that soothes and gives room for imagination. In street photography, it favors the juxtaposition of different characters and the creation of more possible meanings.

Handmade picture printing is a sort of meditation for me. Endless test strips, long exposure makes the process long and requires a lot of focus and precision. The smallest mistake can ruin the final print.

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